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Pastor David’s Prayer 22nd February 2023 @ Merroo HOP

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

At Prayer meeting at 2 pm Wednesday 22nd February 2023 Pastor David the Founder of Merroo gave a 30 min prayer.

This is part of that prayer that awoke Merroo House of Prayer to 72 hours of prayer, worship, intercession and people in the Merroo HOP.

"knowing that this is a place that has been ordained and raised by the Lord God Almighty. He has watched over it, He has cared for it and today Lord we give it back to you, we give it back to you, in its entirety Father God, not just a little bit, we give the whole lot Father God..... You have the idea of Heaven Lord Jesus. What You want shall be done Father God, we call it in Jesus' name!"

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